'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Aviva Drescher Is Left Without a Leg to Stand On When the Girls Gang Up on Her

aviva drescher legThis season of The Real Housewives of New York hasn't exactly been action-packed, but good lord, did Bravo redeem itself with the RHONY finale. The one-sentence CliffsNotes: Aviva Drescher is straight-up cray. Not only did she bring a large tote bag with personal chest X-rays to a fancy party Sonja Morgan was having to celebrate, who else, Sonja Morgan; she ripped off her artificial leg and threw it across renowned New York restaurant Le Cirque. If the letters W, T, and F ever desperately needed to be strung together, now is the time.


It all started the minute Aviva walked into the Team Sonja party. She'd pretty much been completely MIA for weeks due to "severe asthma" she recently discovered she had. The other ladies decided that A) she's full of it; B) they pretty much can't stand her; and C) a party at an upscale restaurant would be the perfect place to confront her as a group. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Shortly after Aviva walked into the party, she and the ladies sat down at a table and the girls laid into her. With Heather Thomson leading the charge, the women told Aviva what every Bravo watcher has been thinking: That her problems run much deeper than asthma. In fact, nobody even believes she has asthma, which is why Aviva felt compelled to unfold a giant chest X-ray of hers while delivering an incredibly odd, meant-to-be-sarcastic speech about how it's so weird that her doctor would lie to her about being sick and prescribe medicine to her. It truly was like watching someone unravel. Actually, it was somewhat reminiscent of Kelly Bensimon's gummy bear moment on Scary Island a few years ago.

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Then, to really drive her point home, Aviva took off her leg and tossed it, saying that it was the only artificial thing about her. And I'm not sure what was more entertaining to watch: That or the reactions of everyone who was looking on. It honestly could be one of the top 10 Real Housewives moments ever. It was that epic.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Aviva won't be back next year for another season, be it of her own volition or because Bravo just doesn't want to deal with that level of cray. But hey, at the very least, she certainly made for a great finale in an otherwise yawn-worthy season. Can't wait to see the reunion.

What did you think of Aviva's leg-throwing moment?


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