'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans' Fight With Nathan Griffith Reaches New Low

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Let's thank the heavens because, wowza, Teen Mom 2 is officially back in full swing. The girls, their babes, and their baby daddies have all returned and all is right in the reality TV world again. But in reality? Not so much. Unfortunately, in tonight's episode, we saw some make-ups, bad news, sad realizations, and some downright nasty fights. And that's just for Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith.

Nathan, who just found out that he has to go to jail for 30 days on his previous charges (which include his third DUI), has a fun night out with friends, with a few too many cocktails. When he and Jenelle return home and she asks him why he's been drinking, Kaiser's dad immediately gets defensive. And it only gets worse from there.


"Why am I with you?" he yells at one point. Meanwhile, Jenelle sits quietly and simply relays her points: he drinks too much and at weird times during the day. It's great to see Jenelle calmly address the situation, but Nathan's words clearly sting harshly. Ultimately, the two do make up, but let's hope it doesn't get worse before the baby arrives.

Meanwhile, we see that Leah Calvert has continued working at her tanning salon, but continues to battle with little Ali's muscular dystrophy. On top of that, Ali has also learned what she has and has been complaining more and more about the pain in her legs. As for the wheelchair that the family was supposed to get? Corey Simms has rejected their claim, so they have to fight to get Ali the help she needs.

As for Kailyn Marroquin, she is still juggling the two-kid life, and when it comes time for Isaac's fourth birthday, she decides to make amends with her husband and her ex. After their argument last week, Kail and Javi agree to better express their feelings (aww!), and she agrees to let Jo and Vee come to Isaac's birthday party. Do they? No. And the little man of honor didn't look too happy to be there either. 

And last but not least, we had Chelsea Houska, who's dealing with a whole lotta drama after figuring out that her esthetician license is being temporarily held while they investigate her for maybe doing some wedding makeup with a friend. But there is good news in South Dakota, y'all! Chelsea now has her own house! Yup, girl is officially a home owner. Imagine that. Big steps for everyone.

What did you think of how Jenelle handled the argument?


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