Maci Bookout's Bikini Body Couldn't Possibly Be Any Sexier (PHOTO)

Maci Bookout

Last week, Maci Bookout boarded a cruise ship with her girlfriends to enjoy a little bit of fun in the sun in Mexico for the weekend. It's clear that she had one heck of a time on her trip.

Even though I'm sure she adopted a "what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise" policy, she did opt to share a photo of her and her friends enjoying their time on the beach.

And after seeing it, I think we can all agree that her bikini body is so freakin' insane, it's almost unfair.


Maci Bookout and friends

Damn! Could she be any more toned?!? She looks so fit and healthy -- and that bathing suit is simply to die for. Not many people can pull off bottoms with tiny little straps like that without things ... hanging out. Maci definitely deserves a round of applause for her buff bod.

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And based on the big smile on her face, it looks like this little excursion was just what the doctor ordered -- unless she's grinning thanks to whatever cocktail she happened to be sipping at that time.

Yeah ... you're right. It's probably a little bit of both.

Do you think Maci looks better than ever?


Images via macidashanebookout/Instagram; macidashanebookout/Instagram

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