Maci Bookout Shares Exciting News But Leaves Us Hanging

Maci BookoutThere's a lot of excitement going on in Maci Bookout's life these days! First off, this Teen Mom star finally made the big move to end her long-distance relationship with boyfriend Taylor McKinney. Er, specifically, Taylor made the move -- from his native Texas to Maci's home state of Tennessee. These two love birds are finally living in the same city!

Now she tweeted to her followers that another big change is afoot -- she's starting a new job this week. And from the way she's making it sound, this is more than just any job, but an actual career that probably doesn't have anything to do with filming for an MTV reality show (although that does sound like a lot of work).


Sounds like this girl is excited for new things. She's long been lauded as one of the most "together" moms on the series, managing motherhood like a pro at a very young age, staying in school, and somehow finding the patience to co-parent 5-year-old Bentley with her less-than-reliable ex Ryan Edwards.

So what's she going to be doing? We know she's always dreamed about a career in journalism and is majoring in Media Technology with a minor in Creative Writing from Chattanooga State Community College, so hopefully something in that field. Got to put all that book knowledge to work, you know.

Hopefully whatever this new "big girl job" is, our girl Maci is following her dreams. We just can't help but want all the good things for our favorite redheaded reality star!

What do you think Maci's new job is?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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