Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Starts Her Own Modeling Career

farrah abraham sophiaEver since the original Teen Mom came to an end (or has it? We're still hoping for a TM reunion season), Farrah Abraham has kept herself busy. She's written books, cooked some pasta, and even continued her reality TV era with an appearance on Couple's Therapy. But mostly, she's stayed vocal about her relationship with her baby girl. And now, it turns out that her little mini-me will follow in mom's footsteps. That's right, guys, Farrah's daughter, Sophia, is now a model.

Like mother, like daughter, right? Check out Soph's modeling headshots:


Granted, she's beautiful and might be a natural in front of the camera, but let's just take a second and think about what's happening here. Sophia is only 5 years old, and while she might be used to the spotlight and the constant hum of MTV cameras in their home, this was clearly all Farrah's idea.

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Should Sophia be subjected to all the fame and, unfortunately, negativity that comes with being in the spotlight? All because Farrah seems to be milking her daughter to continue her 15 minutes of fame? It's not a good look.

We all know Farrah's background and it's far from squeaky clean. And to expose the little girl to fame is not a good idea. Especially since, forever and ever, until the end of time, Farrah will be known for her on-camera work. And we don't mean the cable access programs, ifyouknowwhatimean.

Do you think Farrah should be letting Sophia model?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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