New 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Image Shows Bloody Battle to Come

Walking Dead season 5 bannerWalking Dead fans recently got a peek at a disturbing season 5 image of Daryl Dixon, all gagged and tied up and not in the fun sexytimes kind of way. Whatever exactly is going down when the show returns in October, it looks like Daryl won't be the only survivor who endures some bondage at the hands of their Terminus enemies.

AMC has a major presence at Comic-Con 2014 this week, and they've just unveiled the official Walking Dead banner graphic that will be displayed onsite. We can expect the first season 5 trailer to be released on Friday (woohoo!), but in the meantime, let's review this intriguing glimpse into the fate of the seven characters included in the image.

(Potential spoilers ahead!)


The banner doesn't commit to a specific premiere date, although it confirms what we've all suspected: The Walking Dead will be back on the air in October. The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel will be held Friday, July 25 at 12:20 p.m. PDT, which is when we can expect to see a season 5 trailer and hopefully some other fun teasers from the cast and crew.

Here's the new image (click here to see a larger version):

I don't know if those handcuffs are literal or if they just represent how the survivors are trapped in that train car, but the cool thing here is that everyone looks more than ready to kick some Termite ass. I mean, even Carl looks like a lean, mean, puddin'-eatin' machine. Daryl's front and center and holding a sweet fighting stance, and Abraham surprisingly makes the cut to be included with the main gang. (Eugene, Tara, and Rosita must be lurking in the background somewhere.)

We know the season premiere will pick up right after the finale left off, bypassing the usual time jump in order to devote at least one episode to Rick & Co's epic showdown against the Terminus citizens. Judging by this image, we can expect a hell of a fight.

Here also are a couple of exclusive season 5 images shared by EW:

Aw, Lil' Asskicker is so darn cute.

And Rick looks so darn pissed. (Maybe because he's always wearing that coat, which must be, like, totally sweltering?) What's notable about this image is that he sure looks like he's outside of the train car, and ready to deliver some serious retribution.

What do you think of the new Walking Dead banner? Are you looking forward to the season 5 trailer that's hopefully coming out on Friday?

Images via AMC

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