Josh Murray Reveals 'Bachelorette' Lie Detector Results

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Ugh. How disappointed were you in The Bachelorette "Men Tell All" special last night? Aside from the little dispute between Marquel, Andrew, and J.J., the whole episode was pretty anti-climactic. Especially when Andi Dorfman refused Chris Harrison's offer to read the results of the lie detector test Josh Murray took over in Italy.

I know he's one of her final two and all, which potentially makes him her fiance -- but wouldn't you want to know what sort of shady secrets he's hiding if you were Andi?


Yeah ... me too. And it turns out we're in luck, because Josh spilled his lies on Twitter. Now we don't have to stay awake at night wondering what kind of skeletons he has in his closet. (Kidding.)

Check it out.

Uhhhh. Ok. So his real name is Joshua (scandalous) and he has no qualms about peeing in the woods. Got it.

Is that really all he lied about -- or is he simply trying to reassure Andi that he doesn't have anything remotely questionable in his past that he's trying to keep from her?

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Whether Andi winds up choosing him in the end or not, I'm sure he doesn't want his precious reputation ruined in any way, shape, or form. It would make total sense for him to "come clean" on his lies so nobody asks about them in the future.

And that brings us back to Andi and why she chose to forgo viewing the results. Duh. She's scared shitless about what could've potentially been revealed -- especially if she and Josh are engaged. Why on earth would she want her fairy tale to end all because of some stupid piece of paper? All along she's wanted to believe things will pan out for her in the love department, so it's really no surprise that she doesn't want to ruin her happy ending. (If it's with Josh, of course.)

Do you believe what Josh says about his lies?


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