Latest 'RHOC' and 'Ladies of London' Prove These Gals Have All Gone Crazy (VIDEO)

There were some CRAZY similarities last night between season 9, episode 14 of The Real Housewives of Orange County and the finale episode of Ladies of London. With a side order of Scary Island, because don't we all love comparing these shows?! In today's exclusive video below, I discuss the mistakes made on both sides between Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow, as well as what Tamra Judge had to do with it. But wait!! Over in London, Caprice Bourret is doing the same thing! Let's discuss ...


There comes a tipping point in every docu-soap-opera reality show, when the cast are so involved in the drama, they can't see past their own psychosis. This is the sweet spot for producers. Their cast have become so crazy that they are grasping at straws to make themselves look good and, to that end, will believe anything they are told. Anything. You could tell them they'll "win the war" if they take off their clothes and dance naked in the street, and one of them would do it. In today's episode I explain how you get to that point, and what Heather and Shannon could have done to advance their causes.

And let's not forget Tamra. She may be alienating her fellow cast members, but that wouldn't happen if they realize the opportunity gift that she gave them. Did you realize what it was? Watch and see; she gave me the same gift last week.

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Across the pond in London, the Ladies are wrapping up their season. In an interesting twist, Caprice probably thinks she's the star of the show. Well, she is ... but perhaps not in the way she would have imagined. In today's video I explain her two colossal mistakes leading up to this finale, and where I think the show may go. Watch now!

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Who is crazier -- the Real Housewives or Ladies of London?


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