'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Judge Has Officially Lost Her Mind

Real Housewives of Orange County This week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was intense. Oh sure, it kind of always is what with all the drama constantly brewing betwixt the ladies. But this week the devil came home to roost, which is a fancy and rhetorically lazy of saying that Tamra Judge finally got what was coming to her. Her son Ryan announced that he was moving away and getting married and she about lost her mind. 

Seriously, it was a little creepy. While I am all for Tamra finally feeling the pangs of misery and unhappiness that she has caused others to endure (not even hyperbole, y'all), I could have done without her creepy insistence that her son was choosing to marry a woman who was "just like her." Guess what? Blond hair and a job do not make you Tamra's double. I say this as ... a blond with a job. You kind of can't blame Ryan for wanting to get the eff out of town. 


It should have been a sweet and happy moment for Ryan and his new fiance. They tap danced around the truth but eventually admitted it: They were getting married. At first I couldn't understand why they were being so cagey, but then they broke the news and Tamra's head basically exploded, so I understood their reticence. I could get her being overcome with tears of joy, but having to leave the room and then wail to her husband that she "couldn't take any more sadness this week" was the behavior of a person who is so egocentric that it is frankly wondrous to behold.

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Admittedly, Tamra's been going through some custody issues with her ex, but don't project the stress of that situation onto a happy one. If her children mean that much to her, you'd think she'd be able to check her ego at the door for five minutes to clink glasses and wish Ryan all the best in this exciting new chapter. But Tamra couldn't do it! It was totally frustrating and beyond eye-roll-worthy.

What's the craziest reaction to news of someone getting married you've ever seen?


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