Andi Dorfman Finally Responds to Pregnancy Rumors (VIDEO)

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Our girl Andi Dorfman has endured her fair share of drama this season on The Bachelorette. But no rumors have been as intense as the latest, because, ladies and gentlemen, word on the Bachelor street is that Andi is pregnant. And even though she's addressed it already with a perfectly snarky tweet, Chris Harrison is not letting it go. That is why tonight, we're going to get a wonderfully cringe-worthy grilling session on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.

Thank you, Chris, for asking what we're all thinking. And with all her ex-boyfriends around, and the spotlight of the ABC stage, Andi has no choice but to finally come clean about the rumors. Take a look at the sneak peek:



Um, aca-awkward! The side-eye, the uneasy smile, and the general nervousness. Yeah, we're uncomfortable just watching it! But at least we'll finally get to hear, directly and verbally from Andi, about what really went down and whether or not she's preggers.

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So while The Men Tell All special is really all about hearing from the guys and checking in on where they're all now (hi, Marcus!), this is quickly becoming the most anticipated moment. Is she or isn't she? WE CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE.

Should we get some congratulations in order? At least we'll finally find out tonight.

Do you think the rumors are true?


Image via ABC

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