Nikki Ferrell Basically Admits She's Done With Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

Ha! I knew there wasn't the slightest chance in hell they were ever going to last! I hate to break it to their die-hard supporters -- but it looks as though Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis may have split, based on a very cryptic yet telling message she shared on Instagram.

And I know what you're thinking -- breakup rumors have surrounded these two pretty much since they officially got together at the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor. Why should we assume they aren't together anymore?

Well? After seeing this message, it's pretty clear that Nikki has some sort of a point she's trying to get across about the state of their relationship.



D'oh! Um ... she has to be talking about Juan Pabs NOT being the one, right?

What the heck else is she referring to with the whole "hearts know is a lie" bit if she's not talking about her love life?

She's totally passionate about her career as a pediatric nurse. And she's been posting a lot of photos with friends these days, so it looks as though she's content with that area of her life too. The only possible thing that she's "lying" to herself about HAS to be her relationship with Juan Pablo. They must be broken up ... or on the verge of a breakup at the very least.

Did I mention that she hasn't posted a photo with Juan Pabs in it since like May? Oh, and after seeing her Instagram message, he followed up by reposting the quote with this little gem of a caption: "#Repost from @nikki_ferrell... So TRUE Amor..."

Dude. He's agreeing with her. Which means either they broke up amicably and realized it was time to move on with their lives -- or he's pretty much slapping her in the face by telling her he's just as done with her as she is with him.

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Of course, considering how private Nikki and Juan Pablo have been about the status of their romance thus far, we probably shouldn't expect any major announcement if they've split. I guess we'll just have to watch them come to terms with where things are going on the new season of Couples Therapy.

Although, based on this Instagram message, something tells me the therapy didn't quite pan out the way they'd hoped.

Do you think Nikki and Juan Pablo broke up?


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