'LeAnn & Eddie' Recap: LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Diss Brandi & the Tabloids

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian haven't exactly been the most popular couple in Hollywood -- unless you mean the most popular to bash. The two got together five years ago when they began having an affair on the set of a TV movie. They were both married to other people. Eddie's ex, Brandi Glanville, went on to Real Housewives infamy. LeAnn and Brandi have gone to war over Twitter. But now the two open up their marriage to the masses on their new reality show LeAnn & Eddie.


The episode starts with the couple on their way to a movie that Eddie has a role in -- and immediately the digs at his ex, Brandi, start. "Contrary to what some people think [clears his throat] -- my ex-wife -- I actually do work." Good thing, because the couple are in the middle of a "$50 million divorce" -- at least according to a tabloid. Though I imagine all 50 of those millions belong to LeAnn.

Another report has it that LeAnn is so "whacked out and crazy" that Eddie is texting Brandi for emotional support. Haha, who would buy that?! Apparently LeAnn would, because she desperately wants Eddie to deny the report in the press. "We have a third party in this situation that's just a mouthpiece," LeAnn says, clearly referring to Brandi. "It doesn't matter if we say anything because she'll be blabbing about it." But Eddie refuses to give "more ammo" to the press.

While the two joke about Eddie's reputation as a "man whore" after LeAnn's millions, perhaps LeAnn isn't so loaded after all. After 20 years in recording company indentured servitude, she finally gets out of what she describes as the "worst contract in history."

Eddie keeps the digs at Brandi coming, saying, "The likelihood of Brandi and I getting back together would be slightly above the existence of Bigfoot and just below an actual zombie apocalypse." So you're saying there's a chance!!

Eddie's trainer, MJ, advises him to listen to LeAnn and to deny the $50 million divorce and secret texting reports. "Happy wife, happy life," he advises.

In an interview with Mario Lopez, who asks about the divorce rumor, Eddie decides to give LeAnn what she wants by denying the report -- but as soon as he starts explaining that the rumor is bunk, LeAnn butts in: "There is absolutely nothing true about any of it!"

At a skydiving fundraising event for wounded veterans, LeAnn sings the National Anthem. Probably the best part of the show, to be honest. Kind of reminds you that unlike most reality stars, LeAnn actually has some talent.

Well, it's not Tori and Dean level drama, that's for sure -- but the pair do have a certain charm about them. "I'd love you even if you only had $10 million," Eddie tells LeAnn. "I'd love you if you were fat and ugly," LeAnn replies. Then the two smirk. "No, you wouldn't," he says. "No, I wouldn't," she smiles.

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And somehow we know they're not joking. But, hey, so LeAnn managed to bag herself a hot husband. Someone else's hot husband, sure -- but they woudn't be the first couple to seal the deal through infidelity. Perhaps they deserve a little break. Just a little one? All right, get back to me later.

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