'Leah Remini: It's All Relative' Recap: Leah's Reaction to Her Mom's Tramp Stamp Is Priceless

leah remini it's all relative Who stole the show yet again this week on Leah Remini: It's All Relative? Why, mama Vicki, that's who! Vicki was desperate to do something not all of us would be psyched to see our moms go for. She really, really wanted a tattoo. That's not all. The woman who is nearly 65 wanted what she described as "a tramp stamp." She wasn't kidding either. The funky astrological design backed with a jaguar's haunting gaze was tramp-tacular and fun. Leah had the best reaction to her mom's tattoo ever.

At first she played the whining, grossed out kid. She gave her mom a lot of grief about wanting the ink, especially at her age. But all teasing aside, Leah acknowledged (to the cameras, if not to her mother) that if it was going to make the broad who bore her happy, she would support her on her tattoo adventure.  


Things got officially too cute when Leah's daughter Sofia presented Vicki with a list of well-wish notes from the family to celebrate her "tattoo day." I really kind of adore that beneath her funny, gruff facade that Leah is such a soft touch! It's so clear that she dotes on her mom and the feeling is mutual. Aw, so much love up in this club! It ain't even natural. 

All joking aside, you know this mother and daughter duo are on the same page. You get the feeling that if Leah really had reservations about the tattoo, her mom would have listened. It was great to see her keep her opinions to herself because she knew it would tickle her mom to get the tattoo -- even if it was trampy. And let's be real, this tattoo was trampy to the max, but also kind of adorable in a weird way.

How would you handle it if your mom decided to get a tattoo?


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