'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Sugar Bear's Plan for Romance Backfires

here comes honey boo boo mama juneIt takes a lot of work to keep a romance going. Even veterans like Mama June and Sugar Bear experience their fair share of dry spells. So tonight on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, we saw Shugie attempt to keep the spice alive with his long-time love while balancing the fine line of family fun.

Unfortunately, with three daughters in the house, the special moments are hard to come by, so Sugar Bear has to get creative. And the solution? A silent contest and some racy lingerie, naturally.


When he challenges the girls to keep quiet so mom and dad can have some private time, the bet is on. And with $20 on the line, the stakes are very real.

Meanwhile, Sugar Bear, along with BFF Jose, go to find June some sexier attire. While she's more than happy to chillax in sweatpants, Shugie has other ideas. And they include plenty of lace and vibrating parts.

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But things take a quick turn for the much, much worse when Alana comes across June's vibrating toy and uses it as a microphone to cheer about the family's new pet goat (yes, they also rented a pet goat this episode). You read that correctly. And innocent little Honey Boo Boo naively sang into her mother's toy. The horror is real.

It may be a struggle to balance a family while keeping the relationship spark alive, and sometimes it may take careful planning and extensive work. And other times, it can completely backfire, like in Sugar Bear's case.

Either way, it's important for parents to find time to spend together, apart from the children. You have to keep each relationship vibrant and bustling, amirite?!

How do you keep the spark alive in your marriage?


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