Chelsea Houska Gets Into Serious Legal Trouble With Her Job

Chelsea HouskaRaise your hand if you're painfully excited for the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 tonight. I raised my hand, in case you were wondering, mostly because I can't wait to see what my girl Chelsea Houska has been up to.

But after watching this sneak peek of tonight's episode, it doesn't look like Chels has been doing too well. Apparently, she's gotten herself in trouble. Big trouble. Like, she may lose her job for good.


So being the awesome chick that she is, Chelsea decided to help her best friend Landon style a wedding before she had her esthetician license. Technically, technically, she's not legally allowed to do that until she's licensed. And in tonight's episode, Chelsea receives a letter stating that her esthetician license is being withheld because of it.

Check out how Chelsea handles this sticky situation:


Okay, I knew there had to be some sort of logical explanation for all of this. She wasn't even compensated for styling the wedding. She didn't break the law, people.

Now let's just hope she clears this up for good and gets back to work!

How do you think Chelsea should handle this?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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