Farrah Abraham's Daughter Doesn't Belong in a Sex Tape -- Ever

Farrah AbrahamOh geez. Just when we thought Farrah Abraham couldn't make us shake our heads at her any more than we already have, she proves us wrong once again. This wayward Teen Mom star has made some very questionable choices, including multiple plastic surgeries, paying guys to pretend to be her boyfriend, and of course her instantly infamous sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom.

But then she has to throw Sophia into the mix! We sort of threw our hands up in the air at her last week for saying that she wouldn't have a problem with her 5-year-old having plastic surgery, but now she's gone even further. Farrah says that she doesn't have a problem with her daughter Sophia making a sex tape, just like dear old mom. In fact, it could be a bonding experience!


You can't make this crap up. The reality star recently talked to CelebBuzz.com, and when asked what she would think of her daughter appearing in her very own porno in the future, Farrah nonchalantly responded, "I'm gonna just say make sure you know what you're doing with it ... you know, I'll be like, 'This is what happened to me as your Mom.' It's like Mommy talk."

Nothing like a sex tape for a little mother-daughter bonding!

Seriously, what the heck is she thinking? Who would want that for her child? I know she's the queen of rationalization denial, so maybe this is some way for her to pretend like it's not a terrible idea to pay a porn star to have sex with you on camera?

At least she admitted it wasn't something she'd want for Sophia long-term. She admitted, "I just want to say it in an everyday way and hope she resides back to good values eventually."

Why not encourage her daughter to start out with good values and keep them that way? There's a difference between messing up and finding redemption, and just doing whatever the heck you want.

Can you believe Farrah Abraham said she didn't care about Sophia being in a sex tape someday?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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