'Teen Mom 2' Premiere Recap: Kailyn Lowry Is In Tears & We Don't Blame Her

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Morroquin Teen Mom 2 is back, y'all! While I couldn't be more pumped to see some of my favorite gals back on the ol' boob tube (I'm looking at you Chelsea Houska, you can do my makeup for free anytime without fear of legal repercussions) I'm nervous already about how things are going to shake out for Kailyn Lowry this season. By the end of this (the FIRST episode) she was already in tears -- and I don't blame her!

Clearly Kailyn and her hubby Javi Marroquin are deeply in love, nobody is doubting that...except for Javi. The two of them have been feeling a lot of stress with the addition of the second bambino Lincoln to their little household. Kailyn feels like Javi isn't pulling his weight, child-care wise, and Javi feels like Kailyn doesn't express love for him anymore. When he shared this, she burst into tears. 


It was a really sad and frustrating moment to watch. For one thing, Isaac awkwardly tottling into the room when he sensed their fighting made me swoop in and cuddle his troubles away. While I was at, I would also swoop in and counsel the newlyweds: This is all normal, normal, normal stuff! Of course they are going to have a hard time reconnecting after baby, of course Kailyn's going to feel frustrated and Javi feel a bit neglected. 

What matters the most of all is that they're talking about it. That has them leaps and bounds ahead of other couples who let their marriages fall apart out of pure and simple neglect. That said, it sucks to see Kailyn feeling so depressed and down. She needs a break, and here's hoping Javi figures that out and gives her the downtime she needs, even if it's just a quick fix like a twenty minute nap!

What tips would you give Javi and Kailyn to get them through this rough patch?


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