Jenelle Evans Teases Us With Amazing Photos of Baby Kaiser

jenelle evansThe moment we've all been waiting for hath finally arrived. Jenelle Evans is going to release baby photos of Kaiser. It's about time! In true Evans fashion, as opposed to just, you know, releasing the pictures of her newborn son, the Teen Mom star teased fans with what's to come on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Jenelle wrote:


Wonder when she's going to share them? And wonder if she's going to share them? There has been a lot of speculation that Jenelle is trying to make a buck off of the photos and will have them released by a publication who can fork over some cash to the new mama as opposed to just showing her cutie to the world herself. I could see her going either way, but it certainly would be nice if she's the one to reveal the "amazing" pics of her babe.

Only time will tell. If I were a betting woman, I'd say we'll all be drooling over Kaiser's pics some time this week. Patience definitely doesn't appear to be one of Evans' strong suits. Now show us that bebe, girl.

Do you think Jenelle will release the photos herself or have a tabloid do it?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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