'The Sorrentinos' Premiere Recap: The Situation Makes His Brother Sob in Public But It's Not What You Think

The sorrentinos

He may still tan, but if you tuned into TVGN's premiere of The Sorrentinos looking for The Situation to be up to his old tricks -- you're better off watching re-runs of Jersey Shore. Mike Sorrentino (as he would like to be known from here on out) is sharing a peek into his new sober life with his two brothers, his mom, and his girlfriend. They run a tanning salon together. Because you might be able to remove the G and the L and the boy from the shore, but the T -- that's here to stay. Mike meant it when he said he's changed, and making his brother Marc Sorrentino cry was proof he means it. 

I was surprised by this new toned-down version of Mike. He's still cut (like, scary cut. I know I shouldn't body snark, but damn, boy, eat some Nutella) and he's still funny and strange, but he's sober and focused and really wants to reconnect with his family. He made good strides with his bossy brother Marc. 


When he became uncomfortable with how his family was using his former image to promote the salon, he could have let it fester, but he didn't. Instead he took Marc aside and opened up to him, and the impact that had on his brother was staggering. Marc not only apologized, but broke down talking about a time in the not-so-distant future when he thought he was going to lose Mike.

It was hella touching! I maybe yelled, "I can't believe The Situation is making me crrrry!" But that's because he wasn't, not really. Mike Sorrentino trying to navigate a post-Jersey Shore life made me cry, and that's a whole other beast entirely. 

Don't expect the show to be drama-free, though! A look at the season ahead showed Mike going toe-to-toe (and fist-to-face) with his brother Frank Sorrentino. I will be tuning in, because I already dig this familia stuff a lot -- though I'll be real, The Sopranos-style font is deeply annoying and eye-roll-worthy. There, I said it. 

What did you think of this first episode?


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