'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Harry Dubin May Have Cheated on Sonja Morgan With LuAnn de Lesseps

sonja morganBefore we get into the drama and goings-on of Tuesday's episode of RHONY, I need to get this out of my system: Carole Radziwill is 50?! Who knew?! Not only does the woman look great, she just doesn't seem 50. I can't be the only person who thinks this, right? She definitely seems younger than a 50-year-old woman. Man, good for her! Okay, moving on ...

The main event of the show was Carole's very well-planned, very thought-out birthday party, which had a lovely Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil theme and, naturally, was chock-full of drama. First, we had LuAnn de Lesseps crying and confessing to the girls that she and Jacques called it quits after four years of European bliss. Then we had Harry Dubin giving Sonja Morgan a promise ring. Then we had Harry Dubin leaving with LuAnn de Lesseps moments after placing the ring on Sonja's finger.


As we all know, Harry has made his rounds in the Housewives of New York crew. He was married to Aviva Drescher and dated both Sonja and LuAnn in the past. But this season, Harry's been all about Sonja, and likewise, Sonja's been all about Harry. Though it never really seemed like they were necessarily the ones for each other, they had a cute thing going on. They were kind of like your rich, nutty aunt and uncle from Bethesda or something. It's safe to assume that many people were behind their odd and unconventional romance, and when Harry presented Sonja with a beautiful ring that symbolized an eventual proposal, we all thought it was a nice moment, right?

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So how in the hell did he wind up leaving with LuAnn?

Things seemed to be going great at the party with Harry and Sonja. They were laughing, talking, kissing, and making plans for the future. But all of a sudden, when Sonja went over to Ramona Singer to show her her finger party, Harry walked over to LuAnn; talked to her for a minute; then said, "Let's get out of here"; and the two made off in a cab -- without even looking at Sonja! It was truly one of the oddest things ever. Was a giant piece of footage edited out? It's hard to understand how the hell that even happened? And how could either of them do that to Sonja?

Presumably, we'll get the full story next week during the final episode, but if she hasn't already, I'd advise Sonja to stay away from Harry. Clearly, once and cheater, always a cheater. And she may want to think about getting some new friends while she's at it.

What do you think about Harry leaving with LuAnn?


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