Farrah Abraham's Latest Sex Toy Proves She Has No Shame

Farrah Abraham

Uhhhhh. Plenty of folks went all sorts of crazy over the World Cup, so I guess it's really not all that weird for a Teen Mom star to partake in the festivities during the finale between Argentina and Germany. But after seeing Farrah Abraham show off soccer ball vibrators in a photo she shared on Twitter? Yeah. It's pretty safe to say she's taken the concept of "TMI" to an entirely new level of OMG!

Yes ... I said soccer ball vibrators -- as in sex toys that come in the shape of soccer balls.

Check 'em out.


Seriously? I mean, I guess they're kind of funny and all -- but did she really have to brag about them on Twitter, giving us the indication that she planned on taking them home and using them that night?

We've known for quite some time that Farrah has no shame, but after seeing this pic, it's perfectly obvious that FARRAH HAS NO SHAME.

And what's really sad about the whole deal is that she seems to be perfectly comfortable with the image she's created for herself -- almost to the point of being extremely proud of it. We know she digs sex. We know she has a lot of it. We know she gets paid to be filmed having it.

But what she does in the privacy of her own bedroom by herself is knowledge we all could have definitely lived without. The end.

Do you think Farrah has stooped to a new low?


Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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