'Ladies of London' Recap: Noelle Reno's Drunk Antics Were Super Awkward

noelle reno Here's what we learned this week on Ladies of London. If you're having a hard time juggling two friends, don't be wasted to the point of fake-accent-having hysteria. I'm looking at you, Noelle Reno. Girl, I get it, you want to suck all the experience and connection you can get out of Caprice Bourret, but you'd rather hang out with Caroline Stanbury. Fine, totally fine. But if you're going to play both sides, you've got to keep your wits about you.

Noelle was doing such a good job juggling her two besties, but today it finally caught up with her. And by 'it,' I mean the bottle of champagne she drank in the cab before arriving at Caroline's place. Noelle's fatal error was this: She told Caprice about the flak she was getting for throwing Caprice's shower. This had the unfortunate effect of throwing Caprice into a tizzy. 


It's weird and discomforting when someone with only peripheral ideas of what it means to exist in the world in relation to other people tries to have feelings. If I were Noelle, I would've fallen into a bottle of vodka and never climbed out. She did the next best thing: She got politely wasted, dressed up, and was basically the Gob Bluth of Caroline's dinner party, just wandering around, waiting for Caprice to arrive and start shit, and being like:

gob bluth

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The only person she didn't share her worries with? Caroline. Oy vey. It's going to get messy next week in a huge way. Noelle might have gotten away with this delicate balancing act were it not for her own bungling. Now all the blame is going to be leveled upon her tiny faux-accented shoulders. That seems like slapping a baby deer for no reason.

Do you think Noelle's pot-stirring was accidental?


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