'Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman Barely Escapes Fantasy Suite Disaster

andi dorfman with chris soules date dominican republicOkay, Bachelor Nation, let's not beat around the bush! Going into the overnights in the Dominican Republic, it was pretty clear who was going to have to go and who was going to stay, right? This whole season, Andi Dorfman has clearly had at the very least serious physical -- and mental, so she says -- chemistry with Chicago salesman Nick Viall. She's also admitted that former pro baseball player Josh Murray is 100 percent her type -- and an Atlanta boy to boot. But her third remaining pick, salt-of-the-earth farmer Chris Soules? Ehhh, come on.

Did anyone actually believe Andi was going to drop everything in Hotlanta and move to Iowa to be a "homemaker"? No way! And her moves this week only served to confirm what we already knew ... 


After spending a predictably romantic day on a private island and snuggling up under the stars on the beach while Nick read her a storybook he made her about their love story so far (he's totally this season's Chris Siegfried now...), he finally spit it out that he loves her. Duh. And the two proceeded to the fantasy suite to take all that sexual tension off-camera.

Then Josh arrived to the DR, and the pair wandered around Santo Domingo, dancing, laughing, sipping coconut water. Later, Andi took him to play baseball with some local kids, and he obviously ate that up. Aww. Oh, yeah, and he also finally confessed he loves her, too. Except he had to ruin his big reveal by saying something about how he's never said those three words and meant it. Uh, ew? Ah well, he does seem as into Andi as he says. He just can't wait to sweep her off her feet, take her back to Atlanta ... and get his brother's football games on her iCal! Obvi, they made their way back to the fantasy suite, and the two got their make-out on in the pool.

Finally, Chris arrived, and from the get-go, it was painfully obvious just how much the spark was missing. He's a sweetie, but the vibe between the pair definitely reads more like buddies instead of lovers. Andi knew it, but it clearly had become more obvious to her. So after a day of horseback riding, she admitted that while her farmer has it all "on paper," she wasn't "there yet," and she couldn't see a future for them. AKA Bachelorette code for "I'm just not that into you." But you know what, good for her! Better than pretending that it was all about not wanting to move to Iowa. So even before they had a chance to discuss the fantasy suite seriously, she bid adieu to Chris -- whilst calling herself an idiot and crying and apologizing and all the usual guilt-ridden jazz. Definitely the right thing. She probably preempted repeating a disaster similar to what she experienced with JuanPabs!

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Now, we're down to the final two, Nick and Josh, who are obviously both along for the rest of the ride (as if they wouldn't have accepted her roses at this last, most perfunctory ceremony -- pfft!). Andi couldn't be more blissed out about her choices, and it seems like nothing could possibly go wrong from this point on, but who knows? Judging from those tears in the finale preview, it's definitely not going to go off without some sort of hitch!

What did you think about the way Andi broke up with Chris? What are your predictions for the finale?


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