Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell May Have Finally Called It Quits

Juan Pablo, Nikki FerrellIt's only been a couple of weeks since Juan Pablo Galavis was dropping hints about a potential wedding, and we all just kind of assumed the bride would be Nikki Ferrell. I mean, they're not engaged yet or anything (womp womp), but they are together and seem totally happy and in love.

But things might not be going so great for our least favorite Bachelor of all time and his lady love. It looks as though Juan Pablo & Nikki may have broken up! Supposedly, JP was seen getting cozy at an Atlantic City nightclub with someone who was distinctly not Nikki. Now that woman is claiming that he not only nuzzled on her, but asked for her phone number.


The snuggle in question reportedly took place at a Pool After Dark party in Harrah's. J.P. was there for Pauly D's DJ set, and to celebrate a mutual friend's birthday.

C-list celeb Ang Cottone (the internet-famous MILF Mom who fought Tan Mom on Howard Stern's show) claims that Juan Pabs recognized her, and invited her to come get cozy in the DJ booth. She says the reality star was "incredibly flirtatious" and asked for her digits, which we all know guys never do unless they have every intention of calling.

So what is going on here? Where the heck was Nikki? Not like they should be glued at the hip or anything, but you kind of expect people in a committed, exclusive relationship to freaking act like it. That includes keeping your hands to yourself, and not trying to score some hot girl's digits.

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Juan Pablo and Nikki are currently filming Season 5 of Couples Therapy, after he famously didn't propose to her on the finale of his season of The Bachelor. As if they didn't have enough to talk about with Dr. Jenn. Let's just add public flirting and phone-number gathering to the constantly growing list of issues these two need to work through.

We may not know if J.P. and Nikki have officially called it quits yet, but one thing's for sure -- Couple's Therapy is going to be some must-see TV.

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell broke up?


Image via Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram

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