Jenelle Evans Has Unusual Reaction to Nathan Griffith’s Injury

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithNo doubt about it -- Jenelle Evans' boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith is a total stud. The Teen Mom 2 stars may have had their screaming matches in the past, but these two lovebirds actually seem to have something very unusual for reality TV ... a healthy relationship. For all their issues, they work it out and are more in love than ever.

But no matter how much of a rock star Nathan is, he still feels the need to "prove" himself somehow. Apparently he separated his shoulder recently, and instead of taking some Advil or something like a normal person, he's just enduring the pain. And the craziest part is that Jenelle is encouraging it!


Jenelle tweeted to her followers Monday morning about how proud she is of her man.

I'm glad Nathan is strong and all, but dang! There's nothing wrong with taking some pain meds when you're suffering from a legit injury. Plus, these two have a newborn to take care of, and even though Jenelle looks like she's 100 percent recovered from the pregnancy in her latest sexy selfies, there's still got to be a lot of postpartum stuff going on there.

There's no reason for them to prove their bad-assery when they have a baby to take care of. With all the muscles Nathan has, he's got to be used to feeling achy and sore, but this is different. Injuries should be treated, and Jenelle isn't doing anyone any favors by encouraging him to ignore the pain.

Do you think Nathan should get some meds or is it better to bear through the pain?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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