Jenelle Evans Bares Her Bra in Sexy Post-Baby Photo

jenelle evansIn case you were busy doing, um, smart people things, you probably know that Jenelle Evans recently had a baby. The Teen Mom star gave birth to a boy, Kaiser, with boyfriend Nathan Griffith on June 30. Champagne pops all around! The strange thing, though, is that we're yet to see a pic of the little cutie. Sure, lots of parents hold off before unveiling their newborn's photo on social media, but, given Jenelle's history of making a trip to the grocery store a 10-tweet event, it is a little odd.

But don't worry, friends. Jenelle hasn't disappeared from social media completely. Just last week Jenelle posted a bikini selfie, and now this week? She's bestowed a bra selfie unto us. 

Check out Jenelle's hot post-baby bod. Yowza!


Does Jenelle look fantastic for having a baby who isn't even a month old? Hell yes she does! She has every right to flaunt her body if she wants to. But does anyone else think it's odd that her bra is making a guest appearance in this shot? I might be old and out of touch, but is this a thing now, kids? Bra-fies? If so, all of my grandparents just rolled over in their graves.

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In other news: Where the heck is baby Kaiser, Jenelle?! We want to see the little sweetie already. Again, you look tremendous and seemed to have whipped back into shape almost instantaneously, but we'll take a cute baby photo over a shot of you in your bra any day. #sorrynotsorry

How great does Jenelle look? Would you ever post a pic this sexy?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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