'16 & Pregnant' Star Opens Up About Her Serious Drinking Problem

Ashley SalazarAshley Salazar is having a rough life at the moment. The 16 and Pregnant star recently miscarried during her second pregnancy, and now she's confronting a huge demon in her life -- alcoholism. 

The reality star took to her blog this week and completely opened up about her addiction to alcohol, how it has wrecked relationships in her life, and the struggle she's having just four days into sobriety.


"I have an alcohol problem," Ashley wrote. "I first started drinking when I moved away for college to New York at 18 and since then, my alcohol intake has been out of control."

She started in drinking in the months of depression after she placed her daughter Callie for adoption, and admitted that over the course of the next few years, she saw things start to fall apart around her.

The now 22-year-old wrote, "I would go to parties, end up the center of attention, chugging straight from whiskey bottles, tequila, vodka, beer cans, anything ... a year later, I met the love of my life. The drinking got worse and worse because of our history and the cloudiness I had around my thoughts and resentment I held. Looking back, I was really an unhappy person."

She recently had a wake-up call, over the July Fourth weekend. She posted that picture of her with a red solo cup, and said, "It’s hard to admit, but one of the last things I remember is sitting on the boat, telling the person I care about most I’m done with them ... then I went and yelled and cussed at everyone else I cared about that was around. Luckily, most forgave me the next day."

Ashley was only four days sober when she wrote the post on July 8, but we're hoping she's still going strong. It takes a lot of courage to admit you have a problem, but it is a huge first step on the path to recovery. She seems to recognize the root cause of why she feels the need to escape with alcohol, and is working on confronting her issues and breaking the cycle.

"I feel the pain when I drink," she wrote, "I feel the pain of my biological father never being there, I feel the pain of Callie being gone, I felt the pain of my recent miscarriage, I feel the pain of relationships I’ve damaged because of my selfishness, spoiled acts and stupidity. Then, to mask the pain, I keep drinking and act completely stupid."

Hopefully Ashley will pull through her depression and alcohol dependence and learn to be a happy and emotionally healthy person. We're rooting for her!

Have you ever had experience with alcoholism?


Image via Ashley Salazar

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