'True Detective' Season 2: Location & Casting Details Revealed

True Detective season 2Calling all True Detective fans! If you, like me, got absolutely OBSESSED over season 1 of HBO's crime series, you've likely been waiting with bated breath to hear about season 2. Something, anything about season 2. Up until now, the only thing we could be certain about was the fact that since it's set up as an anthology, each season will feature an all-new cast and story.

Oh, and it's clear the show was critically well-received, as evidenced by the pile of Emmy nominations it earned. I mean, Outstanding Series, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Actor for both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson? IMPRESSIVE.

The Daily Beast sat down with True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto in order to pry loose some season 2 hints, and while he was pretty tight-lipped overall, Pizzolatto did share a few details about the hotly-anticipated story to come.


Let's start with some season 2 praise from HBO programming president Michael Lombardo:

The two scripts we have ... I hate to jinx it ... they are more exciting than the first season. [Creator Nic Pizzolatto is] an incredibly talented writer. And he’s blown us away with the first two episodes.

Pizzolatto says he's written about half of the season 2 scripts so far, and he says casting hasn't started yet. On the other hand, Lombardo says a casting announcement could come as soon as next week:

The people we will cast will be well-known names, but [casting stars] wasn’t our ambition. Great writing attracts great actors ... Maybe people initially came for [Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson], but I think they stayed because the show was so compelling.

Eeeeeeenteresting. I think Pizzolatto was dodging the question, and they know exactly who will be starring in next season's episodes. Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale, and Josh Brolin have all been mentioned, but Pizzolatto says "everything has just been empty rumors so far."

Pizzolatto says next season is set in California, and he thinks the main characters will be just as intriguing as Rust and Marty:

Creating new characters for Season 2 was the same experience as creating Rust and Marty. They didn’t exist until I created them, then in their creation I developed a personal attachment to them. I think it’s the same in anything you write. It’s your job to come up with compelling characters who speak to an individual authenticity. If I’m not interested in the characters I can’t go on. I have to be fascinated by them.

When asked if it's true that season 2 will revolve around three main characters, he said,

That ballooned a little bit. I would say there are four central roles.

At this point it's a little hard to understand what season 2 will have in common with season 1 -- as in, what makes it an anthology, rather than individual seasons that aren't related. Pizzolatto says we can expect a familiar vibe in season 2, down to the weird-fiction details and spooky themes:

True Detective is a densely layered work with resonant details and symbology and rich characterization under the guise of one of the forms of this mystery genre. That’s what we shoot for. (...) I think there’s a certain atmosphere that you’ll find is a consistent element in True Detective going forward.

I don't know about you, but I cannot WAIT to hear who was cast in those four starring roles. If time is a flat circle, can we just cut straight to the season 2 premiere?

Who's your dream cast for True Detective season 2?

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