'It's All Relative' Premiere Recap: Leah Remini's Mom Totally Steals the Show

leah remini it's all relative It's been way too long since Leah Remini has been on my T.V. screen. Her new reality show on TLC, It's All Relative, chronicles her real life (hence reality show) with her family and friends. The twist? Leah and her family are starting over, having parted ways with the Church of Scientology. The main takeaway from the first couple of episodes that aired tonight? It is totally Scientology's loss! Leah's family -- particularly her mother -- are bright, shining, hilarious, goofy stars. Here's hoping this new show is here to stay.

The series started with a double-header, two half-hour episodes that had one thing in common: Leah's mom Vicki is totally hilarious. In the first episode, she can't understand a phrase Leah's husband Angelo is using to describe Leah. "Highend Order?!" She says it over and over again, not understanding that it's high-end HOARDER. She is full of these malaprops and they are delicious.  


My fave? At the end of the dinner party Leah and Angelo throw to thank their post-Scientology friends for sticking around, a tipsy Vicki says that she is "enhammered" instead of "enamoured." Classic drunk speak. Vicki's gaffes are doubly funny because of her relationship with Leah. For all her daughter's teasing, it's clear that they are exceptionally close, and it's awesome to see that sort of bond on my reality T.V. for once. 

Vicki totally stole the show in both episodes -- especially the second one where she insisted her family throw a "fake wake" in her honor, complete with lox and bagels served afterward! The family rolls their eyes and goes along with her demands -- but everyone is surprised at the emotional toll the memorial takes on them. I defy you to watch this episode and not go so quickly from laughing to crying that you accidentally soil yourself. My wet drawers and I are proof it isn't possible. 

Are you going to keep watching the show?


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