‘Sister Wives’ Cast Forced Into Most Uncomfortable Situation Yet (VIDEO)

sister wives

I learned a few lessons this week, first while watching TLC's Sister Wives, season 5 episode 6, and then the two-part finale of Catfish on MTV. This week, Kody Brown and his family provide a great example of basic reality TV 101 -- I'm talking how it all gets put together, not mean-spirited editing or engineering. Fascinating. Plus, Catfish, are you ready for this? Catfish taught me how to be a better parent. No lie. Watch today's exclusive video for all that, PLUS viewer questions.


How do you make reality TV interesting when you can't lock the cast up together in a house a la Big Brother or The Real World? Simple. You send them on a trip and take away their normal support system. Whether it's the Real Housewives in Morocco or St. Barths or, in this case, the polygamist Brown family heading cross-country in two RVs with leaky sewage issues, forced togetherness outside the cast's comfort zone always causes drama and usually NOT drama the cast is expecting. And on a side note, if you're ever anywhere near Amarillo, Texas, you MUST go and visit The Big Texan. It's 100 times more awesome than TLC showed us.

Next, watching Catfish on its two-night, back-to-back season 3 finale, I learned something about parenting. No really, I did. Watch today's episode and let me know whether you agree. Also, I go behind-the-scenes and examine the cast's motivation for participating on the show, besides the obvious "I wanna be on TV" attention grab. There's more to it than that, from stage moms to music careers. Oh and was supermodel Selita Ebanks a rabid fan or trying to take over as host? I give you my opinion below -- tell me whether you agree -- plus a really good viewer question!

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Do you think some of the Catfish scenarios are fake?


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