Jenelle Evans’ Mother Makes Rude Comment About Baby Kaiser

She's coming baaaaack! I'm talking about Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, of course. For anyone who doesn't know it, the second half of season 5 premieres on July 16 -- and, considering it will document all the hoopla leading up to Jenelle giving birth to her second son, it's going to be a doozy, you can just tell.

The mom to 4-year-old Jace and newborn baby Kaiser gave us a sneak peek at what we could expect in a short promo video she posted to her Instagram. And everything you need to know can be summed up in one name: Barbara Evans -- AKA the best reality TV mother in the history of reality TV moms. She has a real issue with one piece of baby-related news.


Okay, I know Babs has done some questionable things in the past -- bringing Jace over to Jenelle's to watch her get arrested after she and Nathan got into a big fight certainly wasn't a mother-of-the-year move. But she's entertaining as all hell and her honestly is refreshing.

In this video, we see Barbara's reaction when she gets a glimpse at a sonogram image and learns she's about to become a grandmother again to another little boy. And she seems surprised and thrilled by the idea.

But then Nathan drops a bomb and tells her what they're planning on naming their little one -- and Barbara is SO not a fan of "Kaiser," we learn.

"Kaiser?! That's like beer!" she says. Then she holds up his sonogram pic and says, "This is not a beer!"

And ... it's ... priceless.

As Jace's legal custodian, Barbara has been more vocal than most moms about her daughter's mommy skills -- and with good reason, considering how Jenelle has been arrested 10 times in three years. But we have to give the girl credit where it's due: she's sober and in college. She's looking forward to raising her boys and being the mother they need. And, when it comes to baby names, she and Nathan obviously stuck to their guns on this one and didn't let anyone -- even the outspoken Barbara -- influence their decision.

What are you most looking forward to seeing on the Teen Mom 2 premiere?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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