Phaedra Parks' Husband Apollo Nida Is Going to Prison for a Long Time

apollo nida and phaedre parks Holy Toledo. Okay, so like, we knew Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida was in some serious trouble with the law. He was charged with enough fraud and identity theft that it could have left folks wondering if he wasn't trying to get his own reality show "Apollo Goes to Jail: The Return". Here's hoping he inked that deal, because the judge came down with a verdict. Apollo is going to jail FOR EIGHT YEARS.

Whoa. I mean, I should feel pity for the guy, because that is almost a decade and jail is no joke but here's the thing -- I don't. This won't be Apollo's first visit to the clink, and if he didn't learn the first time around I give officially none of the toots about him going back because he too stupid not to do stuff like perpetrate fraud in the name of financial advancement. You know who I do feel sorry for? His wife Phaedra Parks and their two adorable sons! 


Look, I know it's tempting to call out Phaedra. She's no dummy, and stuff with Apollo has been the worst since she had their second kid, but you have to give the woman props. She's going to school, she's raising two kids, she's running a business, and she's smart and quippy as hell. Can you really fault for her trying to make her struggling marriage work? I mean, for Apollo's pecs alone I give that marriage some time....this is probably why I am not married.

That said, if ever there was a time to walk, this is it. What kind of example and message is Phaedra sending to her kids by staying with this guy who committed a crime so grievous (and then lied about it) that he's going to be gone for a huge chunk of his children's childhoods? I'm not saying cut the guy out of their lives, kids need their dads, sure I get that -- but Phaedra deserves a slice of happiness. Sending sexy boudoir pics to Apollo to enjoy in the comfort of his cell isn't exactly anyone's idea of a good time. You know, except for Apollo. He'll have his copies of Donkey Booty and old texts from Kenya Moore to keep him warm at night.

Do you think Phaedra should leave Apollo?


Image via Bravo

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