‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Head Goes On Offensive Homophobic Rant

Gary HeadBoy oh boy does Jenelle Evans have some awful exes or what? She certainly dodged a bullet (or three) when she finally managed to get rid of Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, and Courtland Rogers for good. The Teen Mom 2 star is busy making a family and a life with Nathan Griffith, but every once in a while, one of the exes pops up on the radar with a douchey move, almost as some sort of cosmic omen that she is sooooo much better off without them.

Like that time this week when Gary Head decided to go on a homophobic Twitter rant and managed to possibly insult not just the LGBT community, but also churches and maybe even the entire music industry. He's just that kind of talented.


Reminder -- this is the guy who kicked in Jenelle Evans' door just weeks after proposing to her. But you know, it's the gays and youths (and the music industry?) who are "ruining" this country. *insert eye-roll here*

Do you think Gary says these things just for attention?


Image via Gary Head/Twitter

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