Lisa Rinna Is Brandi Glanville's Worst New Nightmare

Lisa Rinna Guess what, y'all? Brandi Glandville is pissed off big time at Lisa. "Becca," I hear you say, "why are you reporting this. Brandi is ALWAYS mad at Lisa Vanderpump." But THAT dear friends is where you are wrong! While I am sure that if queried, Brandi could find something to hiss and snarl at the 'Pump about, Brandi's ire is currently directed toward another Lisa -- Lisa Rinna!

That's right! It's official, the actress and SkyMall featured spokeswoman for this exercise device that shakes your abs to thinness (I fly a lot) has joined the ranks of our favorite ladies in Beverly Hills (and also Giggy the dog), and Brandi is rumored to be furious about it. Side note: I hope they make Giggy the villain this season -- that would be editing at its finest. We might have to draw angry-eyebrows on him though, and God knows that would set PETA off. 


Brandi can deny it all she wants, but it's clear she's jealous of Lisa! The woman is insanely happy, insanely successful, and has a picture-perfect family. Brandi might claim that she would never hate another woman for having a great life, and while that might be true, she never said anything about not seeing green when another hot lady joins HER show and threatens to upstage her! Dramz, dramz, DRAMZ, I say! 

There is no way this won't keep the show from being THE MOST AWESOME EVER. By the end of last season, Lisa Vanderpump had been dethroned and was left friendless but for Carlton Gebbia and her breast-crystals. With Carlton gone, I had been kept up at nights wondering what would become of Lisa alone in the Hills of Beverly without an ally. I really hope the Lisas join forces and become a Transformers-like SuperLisa. Ken Todd would faint from happiness at the overabundance of feminine brunettes named Lisa and that delights me to contemplate. 

Do you think Brandi and Lisa Rinna will be friends or foes?


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