'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: The Newest Alliance Is Going to Cause SO Much Trouble

vicki gunvalson and Shannon beadorWhat happens in Mexico does not stay in Mexico. That's because Mexico is not Vegas and has no such slogan that would imply this to be the case. This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson made it clear that she plans on bringing back quite a lot from her trip south of the border. That's right -- she's got crabs! I kid, I kid. Vicki and Shannon Beador bonded hardcore, and I'd bet money on this new alliance damaging Vicki's friendship with Tamra Judge. TELL ME I'M WRONG. You can't do it. It can't be done -- I am always right, ask every dude I've ever dated. 

Although the trip to Mexico was emotionally rough for Shannon and her husband David Beador, Shannon and Vicki have never been closer. Seriously. The last dinner in Mexico when each of the couples should have been gazing at each other all sexy-like ended with Shannon and Vicky clutching hands. Maybe David and Ayers Brooks were touching penises under the table, but this seems highly unlikely.


The ladies' new-found love for each other doesn't show any signs of dwindling -- and that means Tam-Tam and Heather Dubrow should look out. Those hypo-allergenic puppies Heather bought would make terrible guard dogs. One glare from Shannon and they would turn to bone and ash. And Tamra's bangs? Verily, they will not save her from the supersonic brain-melting screech of an enraged Vicki.

For now, the storm seems to still be just on the horizon. Tamra very quickly paid a visit to Queen Vick when she returned from her sexfriendcapade (trademark me) to tell her mistress about the misdeed she had done toward Shannon. You know, that time when she totally betrayed Shannon and then lied about it? Vicki played it pretty cool in the moment, but one's place of employment isn't really the best locale to issue a brutal beat-down. Mark me -- it's coming. Just you wait.

Do you think Tamra and Vicki's friendship will survive this season?

Image via Bravo

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