'Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman, Cast Shed Tears From Beginning to End

'Bachelorette' hometown datesTonight's episode of The Bachelorette was way more tear-jerking than I ever anticipated. As if the hometown dates weren't enough to digest, with Andi finally meeting the families of Nick, Chris, Josh, and Marcus -- Chris Harrison breaking the news to the cast about the untimely death of Eric Hill was an emotional roller coaster.

Months after the fact, it's hard to watch the footage and see Andi deal with the grief that she has over her last head-butting interactions with Hill. And while my heart breaks for his family all over again, I can't even imagine how Andi must've felt after hearing the news, trying to figure out what (well, who) her heart really wants while dealing with that burden of their final words.


Without a doubt, the footage right after Harrison told them about Hill shows how close The Bachelorette cast really does get to the crew during filming. That producer whispering in Andi's ear legitimately gave me the chills. Yet another reminder that Andi has no problem wearing her emotions on her sleeve and all over her face.

... Which brings us back to the hometown dates.

Andi said it best when she said, "You can't really handpick the dynamic of your family." Nick's family dynamic was interesting to say the least. And while I must, must touch upon the facts that A) the gazillion photos displayed in the living room were slightly Addams Family creepy status, and B) the fact that Andi could name every single photo on the spot after just meeting them was a major reminder that she went through law school, all judgments aside: Nick's family is one big bundle of love.

With that said: Best family award hands-down goes to Chris. What a rad dynamic. I fell in love with the farmer's family during his hometown date, and can honestly say I enjoy them a solid eight times more than I enjoy him. It became pretty apparent that he had an inkling that Andi wouldn't feel comfortable living on the farm in Iowa. But heck, his mom is AH-DOR-ABLE, so ... that doesn't really matter, right?

As for Josh, it was ALL over Andi's face that she wasn't about being put in the backseat while they all ogled over his younger football all-star quarterback brother. And as much as I want to ogle about how handsome Marcus was during his striptease, it's unfortunately now irrelevant. Something tells me that ultimately it was his family dynamic that turned Andi off for good, not the stripping encore.

Yup, tonight marked the end of Andi and Marcus. I thought hands-down that Chris was on the outs and couldn't help but shed a wet one when Marcus held his head low and said, "I wanted to be that guy for you" to Andi.

Sigh. It's a lot, isn't it? I know. I know. Here's hoping next week there will be less tears. Next week, maybe Andi will give us some insight into who her front-runner really is. 

Did you cry tonight, too? Do you think Andi made the right decision tonight despite the difficult circumstances?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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