Andi Dorfman Reveals the Truth About Her Friendship With Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell and Andi DorfmanGenerally speaking, the sidelines of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren't exactly an ideal breeding ground for long-lasting friendships. But Andi Dorfman and Nikki Ferrell, well, they broke the mold. Back during Juan Pablo's season when we met the two beauties, Nikki ended up with JP (it's rumored a wedding is on the horizon) and Andi, well, she had a public feud with him that eventually turned out into her being the next bachelorette. Fans watched as Nikki and Andi constantly proclaimed their adoration for each other all over social media, and then suddenly when Andi's season began, there was radio silence. Nothing.

We wondered: What, are they donezo? Do they hate each other because Andi thinks Nikki's man is a skeezeball? Why was it that Nikki wasn't there for that man ogling earlier this season?

Well Andi took to Instagram to set the record straight on their "broken" friendship just the other day, revealing how things are with her and Nikki to this day. Check it out, here:


The caption: "#tbt morning after our first rose ceremony ever. Loved her then and love her now! @nikki_ferrell"

Love! Phew, all is right in The Bachelor universe. Eees OK after all!

To be real, I'm pretty shocked that Andi is looking to Nikki for advice when it comes to men. Especially because she was so outspoken about how wretched Nikki's man is … on a national stage. The fact that Nikki can put her harsh words aside, and be there for her despite knowing how she feels about her partner is BIG. Bigger than I could probably be.

But there's something to say about how genuine their friendship is, then. They're NOT just friends because they happened to be on the same stinkin' reality show. At the end of the day, Nikki clearly wants to do everything she can to help Andi find true love. Who knows, maybe she feels bad that JP was such a dickwad to her. OR maybe she has some secret vendetta against her and is aiming to help her pick the wrong man after slamming him and his accent (highly doubtful).

For now, we can all sleep a little bit easier knowing the two besties have each other. I'll go out on a limb and guess there won't be any double dates in their future, though.

Would you be able to be friends with Andi if you were Nikki?


Images via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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