Jenelle Evans Ditches Baby Kaiser Just One Week After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

jenelle evansGiving birth isn't going to keep Jenelle Evans away from sun and fun. A week after giving birth to baby Kaiser, the Teen Mom star posted a selfie to Twitter whilst relaxing at the beach. Was her new baby in the pic? That would be a no. Are people talking smack about Jenelle being at the beach so soon after giving birth? That would be a yes. What, did you go and forget that the Internet was filled with a bunch of Rudey McRudersons and that Jenelle's "fans" would feel remiss if they didn't point out every single thing she's doing wrong every minute of the day?


jenelle evans

Shortly after posting the pic, which, hello, she looks damn great in for just having had a baby, the comments started rolling in. Remarks ranging from speculation that there's no way Jenelle could possibly be breastfeeding if she's not with Kaiser 24/7 to "Eww, why would you even want to be at the beach right now?! Aren't you still bleeding?!" were among the gems in Jenelle's Instagram feed. If you have the time and, um, inclination, you can even see that a fight broke out among Jenelle's fans in the comments next to the pic, where some defend her and others proclaim she's the worst mom on the face of the Earth, end of story, bye.

Judging by the fact that it's been, oh, seven days since Jenelle has given birth and she's already getting crap for her parenting style, I think this little lady is in for a long road ahead. I'm guessing at this point, she's pretty used to it ... but if she's not, she might want to lay off the social media for a little while, as every little thing she does in the upcoming weeks is going to be scrutinized.

Except, you know, if she wants to post a picture of her newest addition. I don't think anyone would have a problem with that!

Do you think Jenelle's a crap mom for going to the beach a week after giving birth?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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