First 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Teaser Reveals Zombie Chaos to Come (VIDEO)

Walking Dead season 5 teaserThe first trailer for season 5 of The Walking Dead will debut later this month at the San Diego Comic-Con, but AMC has decided to give us a little taste ahead of time. Unlike the behind the scenes "Greeting From Set" clip, the just-released teaser video is actual footage from one of the first season 5 episodes.

I'll adjust your expectations by warning you that when they say teaser, they mean teaser: the video is very short and it doesn't exactly reveal everything that's going on in the new season. Still, it's our first official look at some of the action to come, and it's fun to speculate about what's happening in this scene.

(Spoilers for season 4 ahead!)


As you remember, season 4 left off with most of the gang trapped inside a Terminus railcar. Beth was MIA on account of that weird kidnapping/whatever it was, and we hadn't seen Carol, Tyreese, or Judith in a while.

The teaser clip doesn't answer the "Where in the world is Beth Greene?" question, but it does give us a quick check-in with Carol & Co. Take a look:

I suppose it's possible this is just an everyday zombie encounter on their way to Terminus, but I feel like there's more going on here. Doesn't Carol seem ... well, totally unsurprised by that big old horde o'walkers? By her saying "More" instead of "Holy shit heads up ZOMBIES," it's clear they've been in the midst of dodging the undead for a while, which makes me wonder if 1) there's a battle going on at Terminus that's been drawing in crowds of walkers, or 2) if Carol is somehow setting a zombie trap, maybe driving the zombies toward Terminus? (Admittedly, Judith's presence makes that last scenario seem unlikely.)

Basically, it's kind of weird that the zombies seem to have a goal destination and Carol's gang just side-steps them -- it definitely looks like those walkers are on their way to Terminus, and whether that helps or hinders Rick's plans remains to be seen.

This footage was aired during a one-hour special of The Talking Dead on Sunday, and here are a few of the highlights shared during the show by showrunner Scott Gimple:

Beth will not turn into The Search for Sophia Part II.

Beth's story, whatever it is, will be told. That question will not linger.

Surprising characters will be kicking ass in season 5. According to Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie,

You'll see members of the group you didn't know were badass get to be badass.

Nerd alert: Terminus' BBQ Mary's outfit was modeled after Luke Skywalker's aunt Beru's costume. I have no idea what the significance of that might be, if there is any to be found.

Negan will definitely positively for SURE join the show at some point. Probably not this season, but still: this is good news.

What do you think is happening in this teaser clip? Does it look like Carol's just hiding from walkers, business as usual in the zombie-infested woods, or is there something else going on?

Image via YouTube/AMC

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