Nick Viall Admits He's Not a 'Good Guy' in Shocking Deleted Scene

the bachelorette andi and nickWe have one every season on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette: the token villain. On Desiree Harstock's season, we had Ben Scott. Ben Flajnik's season had Courtney Robertson. And Juan Pablo Galavis' stint had, well, Juan Pablo. And this time around, Nick Viall has the wonderful privilege of being disliked by all the fellow bachelors vying for Andi Dorfman's heart. And Nick is making his contempt for the other gentlemen very, very clear.

In a deleted scene from last week's pre-hometowns episode, Nick is seen chatting with fellow bachelor, Brian, who has since been eliminated. And the dude does not hold back, especially on his feeling about another contestant, Josh Murray. Turns out, Nick does see Josh playing a role in Andi's life. But maybe just not how you think.


Enough's enough with the whole good guy routine. I'm not rooting for you anymore. I'm not rooting for Chris or Dylan ... I know I'm extraordinarily fortunate to have two one-on-ones but it's not enough for me.

[Josh and Andi are] terrible for each other. I think he'd make a great friend and I look forward to marrying Andi on top of a mountain and going with Josh to her brother's football game and watching Aaron Murray sling some touchdowns and introducing Josh to our new dog, Murray.

Wowza. Them's fightin' words. And Salty Nick? Yeah, he's alive and well.

Not only is he just now dropping the good guy act (if he was good before, I'm terrified to see what not-good-guy-Nick is like), he's calling out the guys even more. Now it's no secret that each of the guys wants time alone with Andi. Group dates never seem like much fun anyways. But it's important to remember one thing, Nick: you're on a reality television show. You can't avoid these guys while filming, so maybe it's best not to completely trash talk them.

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But the best zingers? He reserved those for Josh, who will be namesake to Nick and Andi's dog. Because, obviously, Nick and Andi will be married and Josh can just frolic alongside them as they casually go watch football games. That is the absolute extent of their relationship and Josh's involvement in Andi's life. Period.

Guys. Sassy Nick is here and he's kind of amazing. He's not holding back any words. See for yourself and revel in the beauty that is Nick:

Are you a Nick fan? Who do you think Andi should pick?


Image via ABC

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