'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown Totally Loses It!

kody brown and familyTonight the entire Brown family deserves a slow-clap round of applause. Traveling with kids is difficult even if it's just one kid on board. Whether or not we like to acknowledge it at the time, going on "quick and easy trips" is a thing that goes the way of "sleeping in" or "not eating leftover hot dog pieces for dinner" -- it just doesn't happen. Tonight we saw Kody Brown crack under the strain of traveling with your plural family. 

On tonight's episode of Sister Wives, the family embarked on an epic cross-country road trip to visit a biblical polygamist family and learn what their experience is like. But this episode was all about the journey and not about the destination. The last time the Browns went on an epic road trip, it was a miserable experience. This one is going ... insanely well! The gang for the most part stayed out of fights, stuck to a schedule, and remained calm. Well, apart from Kody. 


That's right, Kody snapped! To be fair, he was dealing with raw sewage at the time, and frankly, I would've gotten a lot more pissy (pun totally intended) than he did. When the family went to stop for the night, it fell on Kody to drain the toilet waste from the RVs. He goofed and wound up with poop and other less than awesome materials all over his shoes. I've got to admit, watching Kody blow his stack? It's pretty darn adorable.

It probably wouldn't have been quite so cute had they not cut to his interview segment. Grinning ear to ear, Kody chuckled, "I was REALLY mad!" There's nothing better than someone blowing their stack and then realizing how silly they were being and getting quietly chagrined about it. With everything else he and his wives had to deal with on this trip, Kody was well within his rights to mildly lose his cool over something so gnarly.

What's the biggest road trip disaster you've had with your family?


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