Why Gretchen Rossi Didn't Want to Be Seen With Another Man (VIDEO)

Gretchen Rosi and Slade SmileySometimes you watch reality television and want to smack your head against the wall. You think to yourself, WHY didn't anyone see this coming? That was me this week, watching Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars episode 5. In today's exclusive video, I give you my take on Gretchen Rossi and her date night problem. Why did it have to be Slade Smiley or no one? Also today, the "Megan & Jeff" episode of Catfish on MTV, as well as my first ever dive into TLC's Sister Wives and why I think their production choices are so smart.


There was plenty to see on Marriage Boot Camp, from Jenni JWoww Farley and Roger Mathews to Gretchen, Slade, and the date night drama. I enjoyed seeing the couples all mixed up; it was a great exercise, but what happened with Gretchen? In the video, I discuss why this shouldn't have surprised anyone, and what may or may not have happened behind the scenes. I'll give you a few options, and tell me in the comments what YOU think is most likely.

To me, there are two obvious reasons why Sister Wives is such a big hit. Examining episode 5 of the current season, the adult children of patriarch Kody Brown discuss college and their career plans, as well as the biggest question on everyone's mind ... will they practice polygamy themselves in the future? I break down what I think is working, and how production is helping them unite rather than divide.

Finally, it's time to go Catfishing! I'm new to MTV's Catfish, but I had to wonder how long of a shelf life this show has. Won't people wise up and either investigate their online crushes more carefully or not agree to go on the show? Won't viewers get sick of watching people being hoodwinked? After last night's episode with Megan and Jeff, I can see that they choose their stories VERY carefully. This episode gave viewers (and catfishers) hope. In the video below I explain why. Watch now!

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Why do you think Gretchen wouldn't go out without Slade?


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