Jenelle Evans Shares First Post-Baby Photo


Get. Out. Of. TOWN! It's only been a few days since Jenelle Evans gave birth to baby Kaiser, and already it looks like she's dropped a decent amount of the weight she gained during pregnancy.

While she has yet to show off a picture of her new bundle of joy (come on, Jenelle!), she did share her first post-baby photo on Twitter yesterday. You honestly aren't going to believe how amazing she looks.


OMG. I know we can't see much of her body in this shot, but check out how skinny her arms and face are! Doesn't she look great?!?

At this rate, it probably won't be too long before she's back in a bikini and showing off her svelte physique on Instagram. Throughout her pregnancy, I kept saying she was "all baby," and this pic certainly proves it.

And despite having a newborn baby in the house, Jenelle doesn't look at all tired or worn out. It's probably safe to assume she has a good little sleeper on her hands. (Lucky duck.)

She really does look happier than ever, and Jace appears to be handling being a big brother just fine at this point. Of course, after he realizes Kaiser is here to stay, that could change -- but at least he seems to be cool with having a sibling for now.

Love her or hate her, it's pretty tough not to be happy for Jenelle right now. Maybe having another baby is exactly what she needed to completely turn her life around.

Do you think Jenelle looks good?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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