Teen Mom Hides Pregnancy From Parents With Heartbreaking Results

The story you're about to read probably isn't going to shock you because it may sound far too familiar -- and that fact alone says something pretty frightening about our society. A 16-year-old girl from North Carolina reportedly hid her entire pregnancy from her parents, gave birth in her home -- again, under everyone's noses -- and then buried the baby girl in the backyard.

The details of this case are still emerging and some facts, including whether the baby was born alive or not, are unclear. But if your feelings for this teen border on sadness more than anger, you're not alone.


The girl, whose name has not been released, allegedly told her boyfriend and half a dozen friends about the pregnancy. Someone heard two people chatting about how she was planning to have the baby and keep it secret and that person wisely alerted police. But by the time cops arrived at the girl's home, it was too late. And her parents told them they had no idea what they were talking about -- that their teen wasn't pregnant.

In a horrifying twist, the girl's dad called police back to inform them that a baby had been found buried in the yard. The teen was taken to the hospital to be examined. She will likely be charged with concealment of birth and possibly murder -- depending on how the investigation unfolds, police say.

Bring on the questions, like the first: how do you not notice your own child is pregnant? Maybe she hides it well under clothing. But are you expecting us to believe her emotions haven't changed at all during those nine months? Nothing? No sign?

Let's assume she hid this very well. I can't help but feel empathy for her. I can never understand what teens are thinking in cases like these, and then I remember that teens rarely have the ability to make logical choices. She was probably scared out of her mind. A frightened child who doesn't have many life experiences from which to draw isn't in a position to make good decisions for herself -- or anyone else.

It's crucial that we, as parents, keep lines of communication open with our kids and HOPE they turn to us for help when something like this happens.

Do you feel bad for this teen or only see the crime that may have been committed here?


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