Chelsea Houska Admits She's Finally in Love​​

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Now that Chelsea Houska's bikini body is officially one of the hottest we've ever seen, it's clear that she's over her single and ready to mingle status and is looking for a nice dude to settle down with.

And it looks as though she might have her sights set on someone in particular, considering she admitted that she's "in love" in a tweet she posted earlier today.

Check it out to see who the lucky guy is.


Got it. Derran Day -- a musician from L.A. who digs doing cover songs.

Apparently Chelsea has a soft spot for guys who can carry a tune, not that anyone can blame her. I mean, what girl in her right mind can resist a man serenading her?

Chelsea deserves the very best, so she might as well be bold and put herself out there as far as letting men know she's interested goes.

This Derran dude would certainly be lucky to have her -- but I'm sure a whole host of other guys are already lining up at the chance to snag Chelsea before anyone else.

Can you picture Chelsea dating a musician?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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