'16 and Pregnant' Reunion Recap: Arianna Is Insulted in Worst Way Possible

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After a tumultuous season full of babies, financial problems, homelessness, and plenty of baby daddy drama, 16 and Pregnant came to a close. Luckily, we had the Life After Labor special and Dr. Drew ready to quiz the ladies on their lives since filming stopped.

As the first teen mom to step up to the stage, Arianna easily gave us the most haunting drama. On her episode, Arainna was resentful of Maurice, who didn't step up and didn't help out with the child. And once we left her, things didn't change. In fact, they got worse. While she kept referring to her child as "my son," she never once looked at Maurice. Has he contributed at all? According to Arianna, nope. But in an effort to show that he has plenty of ca$h on-hand, he made it rain. This is not a joke. Naturally, Arianna wasn't happy and stormed off the stage. This relationship isn't going anywhere, to say the least.


After dealing with the fallout of Maurice's horrible insult, the rest of the girls sat down with Dr. Drew, and here's what we learned:

  • Savannah's mother continues to struggle with her substance abuse. While Stone has been helpful with the baby, the couple is not together. Luckily, they've both moved on and are trying their hardest to co-parent well. 
  • Jordan, who was homeless with her boyfriend Derek when she was pregnant, has seen an upswing in their financial situation. They left to go to Texas at the end of their episode but are planning to return to Maryland where Derek can use his scholarship and attend community college. 
  • Summer and her boyfriend, DJ, have decided to stay together even though he cheated. Her mother, who has also struggled with substance abuse for all of Summer's life, was arrested for writing bad checks and now faces 10 years probation.
  • Autumn and marijuana-loving Dustin are still together. And yes, he still smokes, "all day, every day, and [he doesn't] give a f***." Actual quote right there. On the bright side, he finally got a job and is able to help support the family. On the not-so-bright side, he also has cheated.
  • Courtney still battles with abstinence, but now she and Scott are in agreement about her decision. Baby Dayton is scheduled to have his cleft lip surgery in August, so the family is preparing themselves for that undertaking. 
  • Millina and Trevor are "pretty much" in a relationship. Yep. That's as confusing for you as it is for me. They're getting along well and baby Kayden is doing well. Their moms, however? Not so much. Millina's mother left rehab for her boyfriend and Trevor's mom continues to have issues with her seizures
  • Maddy hasn't gotten any help from her baby daddy and hasn't seen him since filming ended. DJ, who apparently got another girl pregnant two months before he got Maddy pregnant, wants a pregnancy test for baby Aubrey. But he won't pay and neither will Maddy. Luckily, she's getting her GED this summer and is figuring out her work plans in hopes of providing better for her daughter.
  • Savon's baby daddy is actually now in the picture. While she and Mauwi are still friends, she has been spending more time with her son's father. Unfortunately, we also learned that the baby daddy isn't entirely committed. He's 19 and has five other children ...
  • Karley, the mom of twins, and her husband, Tony, seem to be faring well. They're living together in their own home and he has a full-time job. Here's our single success story. 
  • Aleah and Shawn have their hands full with both Noah and the baby. She continues to deal with her diabetes, but there is good news: baby is perfectly healthy!
  • Jazmin and baby daddy Dell no longer speak. While it wasn't about her parents' strict house rules, Jazmin realized that he didn't take the time to help. He only had a part-time job and didn't contribute to raising the baby.

What did you think of the reunion? Whose story were you shocked by most?


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