Melissa Gorga Forgives Teresa Giudice

One of the biggest, messiest hatchets in Real Housewives history has been buried ... or so says Melissa Gorga. In the midst of Teresa Giuidice's personal turmoil as she and her husband face jail time for fraud and tax evasion, Melissa says they've reached a truce. 

Good for them, but it's hard not be a little skeptical about how long this harmony will last ... or to wonder about Melissa's intentions in makng this declaration of peace, especially given the way she went about the whole thing.


We know it takes two to tango, but according to Melissa, she's the one that had to forgive Teresa for all of the terrible atrocities committed against her. Always the victim, she recently told Star Magazine:

There are things I’ve decided to let go. I believe in forgiveness.

That sure makes it sound like Teresa is to blame for everything that has ever gone down between them, right? You’d think Melissa would be humble enough to take some blame in their ongoing family feud, but no.

While there's no doubt in my head that Teresa is responsible for at least half the blame, at least she's done a good job of owning up to her faults in the past -- a reason why many fans have stuck by her side through the good and the bad. Melissa, however, likes to stick to the blame game.

It would be great if this truce is real and lasting. Lord knows, Teresa doesn't need any more drama in her life now. But realistically, this is Teresa and Melissa we're talking about. No matter how sincere their intentions are now, we all know they're just one little slight or backhanded compliment away from another huge family feud.

Do you think Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s supposed reunion is going to last very long?

Image via TeresaGiudice/Instagram


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