Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Her Amazing Sleeve Tattoo (PHOTO)

Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin

For whatever reason, I always seem to forget that Kailyn Lowry is a major ink fan, which is why a new photo of her showing off her kick ass sleeve tattoo definitely took me by surprise this morning.

Granted, she's had the thing for quite some time, but typically her arms are covered up in pictures so we never really get a good look at it. Either that or there's just been so much hype over her book that it shifts the focus from her appearance.

And even though she was pimping out the new bracelets on her wrist in this shot, it's clear that she wanted to remind us just how cool she looks all tatted up.


Kailyn Lowry

Whoa! Very trendy, don't you think? And I'm loving the denim vest she's wearing, which perfectly complements all that ink.

It can't have been too comfortable to have that tattoo done, but at least Kailyn wound up with an awesome end result. She really ought to wear sleeveless things more often -- it's a shame to keep something this great under wraps!

Do you like Kailyn's tattoo?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram; kaillowry/Instagram

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