Jenelle Evans' First Day With Baby Kaiser Is Totally Ruined

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

In case you hadn't heard for some odd reason, Jenelle Evans finally gave birth to baby Kaiser. Nathan Griffith shared the news on Twitter last night.

And while we can't help but be incredibly happy for them about the arrival of their new little man, it does seem like they might have their priorities a bit out of line right now.

Instead of soaking up every second with their newborn and spending quality time together as a family, Nathan and Jenelle felt the need to shoot down their haters on Twitter, leaving us all to wonder why they bothered to waste their energy on something so trivial.


Check out their tweets ... it's clear they're both pretty pissed off.

Ugh. Soooo ... I get why they're upset. I really do. This is one of the happiest times in their lives, and it's pretty hard not to lash out at people who are being anything but nice to them right now.

But wouldn't it be better for Nathan and Jenelle to take the high road and ignore their haters and focus their energy on their new son instead of wasting one second of time on people who clearly don't give a crap about them?

After the initial baby announcement was made, they should've put away their phones and forgotten about social media ... at least until they've been back at home with Kaiser for a day or two.

They'll have plenty of time to tell off whoever they damn well please in the coming months. But for now, they need to actually enjoy this time with their son instead of tweeting about how this is their time to enjoy with their son.

Why do you think Jenelle and Nathan let their haters get to them like this?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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