Kailyn Lowry's Latest Photo Is a Desperate Cry for Attention

Kailyn LowryIn case you haven't heard, Kailyn Lowry worked out again. The Teen Mom 2 star has been on an exercise kick recently, and to prove she actually moves her body and doesn't just talk about it, she's been posting sweaty selfies on the Internet. And posting how many calories she's burned.

On Tuesday, Kail posted another post-workout photo, and we're getting a little bit concerned with her obsession over it. This time she has a trainer, so hopefully she's not pushing her body too far, but why does she feel the need to keep posting these pics?


Kail tweeted on Monday about her new exercise adventure:

To which she got this response from her trainer:

But this girl isn't all talk. On Tuesday she tweeted this post-workout selfie:

Why Kail? What is with the need for attention over working out? Are we supposed to be concerned that she may be pushing herself too far, or is she just wanting a pat on the back?

Maybe she's looking for some validation. It's hard to grow up the way Kail did and be able to just be -- she may be looking to others to give her a pat on the back so she can feel proud of herself.

It's great that Kailyn is getting in shape the smart way (i.e., not starving herself), but the constant workout selfies may be too much. It would probably be better to show off the results of her training sessions with some super cute short-shorts and call it a day.

Why do you think Kailyn keeps posting sweaty selfies?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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